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Window/Door sensor

This is a mini wireless door/ window sensor. It can detect opened/closed doors or windows in real time.

Flood sensor

This is a water leak sensor which can be placed under appliances or areas where there is a risk of water leakage.

Checker Hub

Checker Hub is a connection point and will connect wirelessly with your sensors and allow them to work together.

Checker Starter Kit

Kit includes: 3 door/window sensors, 1 water leak sensor, 1 Checker HUB, 1 Charger

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About us

Our history

The world moves so fast today, as we all work hard to become wealthier and happier. At the same time, we’re all looking for peace of mind. Today’s fast-paced life doesn’t help with this at all.  Anxiety, rush, or stress sometimes results in failing to correctly remember if we did certain things or not. This is especially important when it comes to home security and the feeling that we and our loved ones are secure. How many times you have seen your neighbors going back and forth to check whether their doors were closed or not? This is a sign that the matter is a source of anxiety.

This is the reason why we created Checker – to solve the problem that we observed all around us. Checker is designed to deliver peace of mind in these situations and support you every day.

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Easy to install. Fits everywhere

Modern and universal design

CheckerApp for Android and IoS

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