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Water leak sensor

Water leak sensor
Water leak sensor can be placed under appliances or areas where there is a risk of water leakage.
Easy instalation
No external power needed. Just remove battery protector and place device in an area you would like to monitor.
Long battery life
Can stay on single coin cell battery for up to two years. We will inform you when your batteries need to be changed

Door and Window sensor

Door and Window sensor
Automatically sends an information when you open or close doors
No mechanical switches. Hall sensor makes the device maintenance free
One year battery life
No external power supply. Just attach to the doors and forget. We will inform you when your battery needs attention.

WiFi Hub

Wifi operated
Devices connects to local WiFi network and send updates about sensor status to cloud
USB powered
Hub is powered using micro USB cable. Power adapter included
Easy Installation
Device is configure using mobile application. Just connect to the device, select network, provide password and that's it!
Checker Starter Kit
the Checker Starter Kit
and install the sensors and application
1 x wall charger
3 x door/window sensors
1 x Water sensor
1 x WiFi Hub
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You don’t have to buy starter kit to start using our application.

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