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Double checking – is it possible to completely get rid of this problem?

June 3

How often do you double check? Is it once in a while or more like tenths of times every day? From time to time, everybody does it. But truth to be told, double-checking can gradually become a real problem. There are many ways to deal with it. But can you really get rid of the urge to double-check? See for yourself.

Double-checking is often described as a type of obsessive-compulsive disorder. In most cases, it’s very mild and it doesn’t affect your life too much. But it can still be frustrating. The constant need to re-check whether you locked the door. The fear of having left the tap turned on. The anxiety that never goes away when you’re not home… Any of these sounds familiar? If so, you know that getting rid of the habit of double-checking might be a huge relief. But how to do that and is it possible to just stop worrying? That depends on the severity of your condition and the measures you’re willing to take in order to fight against it.

Dealing with double control in practice

So, how do you deal with the urge to double check? First of all, in most cases, the problem is in your head. But it doesn’t appear there without a reason. Perhaps there was a water leak in your flat a few months ago? Or maybe someone tried to break into your house? If so, then it’s not a surprise that you’re dealing with a bit of anxiety and tend to double-check more often than usual.

But remember: if you don’t deal with this anxiety fast enough, it can become worse and turn into a really frustrating OCD. If you want to avoid it, stop ignoring the problem and deal with it. How?

  1. Figure out what is the object of double-checking for you. It’s very likely that you re-check only very particular things, such as closing the windows or doors. Identify them to be aware of what you’re fighting against.
  2. While you do the things you tend to double-check, focus on them. REALLY focus. Why? Because most of them are chores you do automatically and in the meantime think about something else. To avoid the problem, try to memorise better the act of closing the door or turning the tap off. How to do that? You can clap your hands once you’ve closed the door or jump after turning the tap off. 
  3. Tell someone that you’re locking the door / windows or inform them about any other thing that makes you double-check. Having a “witness” comes in handy when you’re in doubt.

If that doesn’t help, rely on innovative technology. The solution to the double checking is there!

How to prevent double-checking problem again?

If none of the above worked out, it’s time to address the issue in a modern way: with the right piece of technology. Checker is everything you need to deal with double checking once for all. Why? It’s because the system double-checks for you and keeps you informed.

How does it work? It’s pretty simple: you put the sensors on your windows, door and under the sink or next to the washing machine. Then you assemble the Checker Hub and download the dedicated CheckerApp. Once it’s all configured, the app will provide real-time monitoring and inform you whether the door/window is locked or if there’s a water leak at home. It works remotely, so when you find yourself in doubt, all you have to do is open the app and check if everything’s ok. Try it out and see for yourself how easily you’ll get rid of the double-checking problem.

Even if it doesn’t go away completely, it’ll stop bothering you. And that’s good enough!

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