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Do you double-check? Of course you do! We’re all guilty as charged when it comes to checking whether the door was REALLY closed from time to time. The real question though is this: how often do you double-check? If it’s becoming a habit you can’t get rid of, it’s high time to get some help. Find out how to deal with double-checking once for all.

It was the idea to help with getting rid of the double-checking habit that stood behind the introduction of Checker. It’s a smart-home system that, so to speak, keeps your fears in check, because it monitors the status of your windows, doors and pipes for you. How does it work? It’s fair and simple: you get the Checker Starter Kit, assemble it (it’s really easy to do, especially that the sensors fit to any kind of doors or windows), and download the CheckerApp on top of that. When it’s done, the system provides you with real-time monitoring.

Anytime you want, you can check, whether:

  • the door to your flat is closed,
  • the windows are closed,
  • there isn’t any water leak around the sink or the washing machine.

All you have to do is open the app and see for yourself. And if something bad happens you’ll get the notification immediately. That will allow you to react fast and control the damage.

What else will help with double checking?

Our app combined with the kit are the ultimate solution to the double-checking problem. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use some other methods to mollify your anxiousness. There are more ways to tackle it.

Avoid the morning rush

When do you feel the urge to double check? Most people do when they left the house in a rush. It’s typical. When you’re running late and trying to multitask, it’s very likely that you’ll forget about something, like turning the tap off or closing the window. To avoid it, start getting up a few minutes earlier. That way, you’ll have more time for your morning routine and therefore, you’ll focus on what you’re doing.

Stop working on autopilot

When you’re doing your morning chores, it’s typical to work on autopilot. Who wants to think of brushing their teeth, when it can be done automatically? That’s how your brain works! The autopilot can be useful but it can also lead to double-checking. How can you remember if you closed the door if while doing it you were thinking about your work or about the argument you had with your partner? To avoid it, practice mindfulness. It’s a good relaxation technique, too!

Enhance your memory

In order not to forget all those crucial moments of the morning rush, make them more memorable. How? For example, you can clap your hands after locking the door or whistle a simple melody once you’ve turned off the tap. It’ll help you to remember.

Try all the methods above and find out yourself which of them is the most reliable one!

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