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How does home security systems work?


Do you know this feeling when you left the house and you asked yourself the question: Have I locked the door? Usually you have, moreover in 98% cases there’s nothing to worry about but there’s always a small percentage, this 2% that makes you anxious. So you come back and check.


Very often after the daily morning hustle – children, lunch, car keys, backpacks, documents, etc. – we finally sit at work, in front of the computer, with coffee ready to start another day. Sometimes, unexpectedly, a thought, a little anxiety appears in your head, and with it a question: have I forgotten anything? And in your mind, you recreate each stage of the morning, after which a thrill pierces you, because you remember almost everything except for… have I locked the door? Have the kids turned off the tap after brushing their teeth? I opened the window, but did I closed it? There can be a lot of these questions and doubts, because the more activities we do, our brain no longer registers those obvious, routine ones, carried out every day, hundreds or even thousands of times.


If you check repeatedly whether you have turned off the equipment at home, if you go back several times to make sure that you have done so, if you pull the door handle again, because you do not believe that you have locked the door, you may find CheckerApp useful. Now imagine that leaving your home, after turning off a piece of equipment, locking the door, closing windows, you can mark each of these actions in the application and it will only take you a couple of seconds.

These dozen or so seconds will give you the comfort of peaceful functioning during the day, without asking yourself the question “Have I turned it off?”. This is only half of Checker’s capabilities. Thanks to the Checker Starter Kit you have the option of connecting sensors to the application, the status of which you can check in the application, and in case something happens that you should know about (opening the door, flooding the bathroom, etc.) you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

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