4 tips how to stop double checking?

Are you going back again (and maybe again) to check whether you have closed the window or locked the door? You feel angry and anxious that you do that?  Do You suffer from OCD? If you want to feel secure and try to avoid double checking try these tips:

1. Ask. Talk. Consult

Are you analyzing in your head whether you closed/turned off everything, but you can’t check it yourself? Maybe at the time of performing the activities (turning off the iron, locking the door, closing the window) someone was with you? Child? Husband? Wife? Friend? Or maybe while you were turning the key a neighbor passed by, to whom you said “Good morning”? There is a good chance that during this analysis you will remember the moment when you turned off the iron or turned the key in the lock. However, if after such an analysis the answer is still not obvious, then make a call. Call your husband, partner, neighbor. Ask if he/she remembers, and if it is possible for them to check it. It’s free and there is a good chance that it will soothe your nerves and dispel your doubts.

2. Combine two in one

You do not remember locking the door? After turning off a piece of equipment or locking the door, do something unobvious, e.g. having locked the door, ring the bell, or having turned off the iron, whistle. The more creative or even absurd your act is (obviously without exaggerating), the better the chance that you will remember it all, including the act you should remember.

3. Stop for a moment

Do not repeat previous mechanisms, if you have forgotten whether you locked the door or turned off a piece of equipment due to a distraction, because the morning was full of nerves. That is if you have already returned home to convince yourself that you did it – stop for a moment, sit down, calm your breath, count to 10 and check again for complete certainty. Another half a minute will not make a difference, and maybe it will be good for your peace of mind and troubled nerves.

4. Use CheckerApp

A smart owner means a smart house. Open CheckerApp on your smartphone, create your own lists with items and every time you leave the house and switch off the stove, check in the application that you have done it. Such “checking” of subsequent items will take only several seconds, it is easy to do, but you can be sure that actions have been done and during the day, in case of any doubts, you can have a look into the app and have peace of mind.

With Checker Stater Kit you can control the most sensitive places in your home. Install sensors, e.g. in the roof window, doors to a room or front door. Sensors and the application give you additional confidence that everything is ok, and nobody has entered the house.When your wife, partner or child returns home and opens the door, your sensor will inform you about it in the application.

5. Consult a professional

If your checking begins to bother you, if you observe the severity and, for example, you see that you go back home to check a lot more recently, and each subsequent check does not help, and even causes more anxiety, consult a therapist. Maybe you are tired, and your brain sends you the message “Relax and chill”?

It’s easy to get peace of mind with Checker.


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