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Keep calm with our application – Double-Checking

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Double-checking has become an issue for many people around the world. It’s not surprising though! People live fast, have to multitask all the time. So it’s very likely to forget about all those mundane chores you have to perform on a daily basis. The problem is, it might become really frustrating to be in doubt all the time. Fortunately, there’s a simple solution that’ll make your life easier. Check it out!

Meet Checker – the simple, yet innovative smart-home kit that allows you to double-check with an easy to use app whenever you need to. Our system helps you to monitor:

  • the status of your windows and doors – just put the sensors on them and check in real-time whether they are open or closed,
  • if there’s any water leak around the flat – the sensors can detect the water leak under the sink or around the washing machine. You’ll be notified if anything like that happens so you can react as fast as it’s possible.

Our app will keep you on the safe side – double check

Ok, but how does it really work? There are two elements of the system. The first one is the Checker Starter Kit, which consists of:

  • 3 window/door sensors,
  • 1 water leak sensor,
  • Checker Hub – the heart of the system, a device that enables the communication between all the sensors and the app.

The other part of the deal is the CheckerApp which you install on your mobile.  It’s available for free in the Apple AppStore and on Google Play as well. That means it’ll work on almost any smartphone in the world. 

Once you’ve done it, the Checker Kit is assembled and connected to the internet and to the CheckerApp as well, the real-time monitoring kicks in. From that moment you can check if everything is ok anytime you want or need to. If there’s a situation that needs to be dealt with, like a water leak, you’ll be notified immediately. Therefore, you’ll be able to react quickly and save yourself the trouble of going through changing the flooring panels that were soaked in water. 

On top of that, you’ll get the information about your home status immediately, so you won’t have to wonder all day whether the door is really locked.

Double checking – Our application will provide you with the security of your home

Using the CheckerApp is very simple and intuitive – you will need help neither with the configuration nor with using it on a daily basis. The whole system works automatically and the notifications about the threats that were detected appear whenever something bad happens.

That means that using our app combined with the Checker Kit will enhance your home security and, besides, it’ll help you deal with the burden of double checking everything. Even if you can’t completely get rid of the habit and feel the urge to double check, you’ll be able to do it effortlessly and make sure that the information is reliable.

To sum up, if you tend to double-check too much, solve the problem with the right technology. Download the CheckerApp and get the Checker Starter Kit. If you need more sensors, you can order them separately. Then just put everything together and stay calm!

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