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Window sensors – convince yourself of their reliability


Imagine that it’s Monday morning and you’re running late. You’re trying to do ten things at the same time, just to get to work on time. Finally, you’re at your desk in the office.

You look outside and see that it’s started raining. Heavily. And then it hits you. ‘Have I closed the windows?’. If you did the smart thing and got Checker in place, you have nothing to worry about. The window sensors are monitoring the situation all the time. But how do they work? Let’s find out!

Checker is a simple, yet powerful smart-home system, that prevents you from leaving the door or windows open and makes your house (or flat) more secure. It consists of only a few elements but each of them has a significant role to play. One of them is a close window sensor. Are you wondering how it works? Let’s unveil the mystery!  

Window sensors – how do they work in practice?

First things first: window sensors don’t work on their own. They’re just one part of an intricate system. So, to understand how it does the trick, you need to look closer on the other devices. The most important one is the Checker Hub. You can undoubtedly call it the heart of the system. It’s responsible for maintaining the communication between the sensors and the CheckerApp on your phone.

How does it work? It’s pretty straightforward!

  1. Put the window close sensor on your window (first turn it on – Click here to see how to install the sensor)
  2. Turn the Checker Hub on, install the app and go through the configuration process. It’s as easy as pie!
  3. From now on, the window sensor is monitoring the window status all the time. It detects whether it’s open or closed and keeps you informed.
  4. Any time you’re in doubt, you can log into your app – no matter where you are, as the hub is connected to the internet – and check whether the windows are open or closed. No more double-checking!

window sensor

From the technical point of view, the sensor uses RF waves to gauge whether the window is open or close, and then sends the data to the Checker Hub. From there, it’s sent to the app, where you can monitor it. Fair and simple!

Do window sensors really work and are they reliable?

Now that you’ve found out how the window close sensor works, you might understand better the benefits from using the Checker Starter Kit. Nevertheless, it doesn’t stop you from asking a very important question: does it REALLY work? Can you rely on the system to work when it matters? The answer is: yes. How come?

Checker is a system that was created by a group of engineering experts, focused on bringing an easy to use and 100% reliable device that will make your life better. That’s why:

  • we have used only high-quality components to construct all the parts of the system, window sensors included,
  • we’ve made sure the software runs flawlessly and the communication between the sensors, the hub and the up is impeccable,
  • Checker meets all the security and quality requirements.

Try yourself and stop worrying about leaving the windows open once for all!

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