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You worry about countless things around you. Sometimes it’s so difficult to remember important facts, event and meetings. The very awareness of how many things you are responsible for/how much depends from you can often be paralyzing and frustrating.

In between daily tasks there are thousands of small ones, which slip your consciousness because they just happen “by themselves”. You turn off the light, turn off the water, turn off the iron, close the door – you do all this unknowingly, automatically and you just keep going. Unless. . . well – sometimes these simple things grow to the rank of a problem.

Daily rituals of double checkers

There are many stories on the Internet written by people who admit that their morning trip to work can extend, and often push their buttons, killing their buzz for the entire day. Double-checking – that morning and mandatory ritual. You turn it off, blow it out, close it, check it – then just in case you check again, making a promise to yourself that it’s the last time. Then, often behind closed doors, you make a quick calculation: I closed this, I took that, I checked this, etc.

Or perhaps you belong to the category of the “loud checkers”? People who belong to this group have a habit of loudly naming all performed activities just before leaving, confirming their belief that the haven’t forgotten anything.

Do you also know the “go double check, will you” individuals?  They are notorious for engaging someone from the family (sometimes even all household members) asking to re-check whether they’ve plugged out the iron one minute earlier and if it is 100% off.

These rituals also have their versions before holiday, in the afternoon, on the weekend and others. It seems tiring not just for the person who does the checking, but also for the entire family.

You leave and what comes next?

Let’s assume that you are ready to conquer the world, you are going to work or on vacation, you think that no bad thought can appear on the horizon of your consciousness and you can face further duties or indulge in weekend pleasures. Out of nowhere, a small thought appears, an innocent question, an evil goblin, that doubts our confidence. Next comes a brief dialogue in your mind – there’s nothing to worry about – is everything okay? But is it? Then comes an avalanche, your heart races and nothing is certain. The burning question returns – did I turn the key in the door, maybe it only seemed like it…

Get some support from technology

Let’s diagnose the problem.  Apart from the obvious situations, in which we observe the impact of the human element, absent-mindedly doing many things at the same time, you always have the right to overlook something. But this is usually not the case of whether you turned something off, but whether you remembered to do it. You trust yourself for a second. At the turn of the key, you are aware of your actions. But after some time, you don’t trust your memory anymore, many activities blur, it all follows together – you don’t know, you don’t remember, and you start to analyze. It’s completely natural.

Perhaps it’s worth doing a check?

There is an application that will remember for you . It’s simple! With Checker you can create your own lists of things that you should turn off, close, and do before leaving home. Heading out? Open the CheckerApp and check off items on your list one by one. Closing the window in the bathroom? Check it off. Turning off the iron? Check that off, too. Closing the door? Check it off in your app. In addition,  Checker helps you to have a control over your house when f.ex. kids or elderly people stay home alone (Why is home security important?)

Simple? Trivial? Now imagine a thought superimposes on your mind: I think I didn’t close the window – open the app and check! Checker remembers for you! You get two in one:  home security and peace of mind.

See how CheckerApp works with sensors

Checker’s is more than just an app. If you buy the Starter Kit, your sense of security will gain new support – sensors.  Do you remember that the CheckerApp allows you to create lists and items to check off? Some of these items can be replaced by sensors that allow you to control them on a regular basis.

Door/window sensors

You mount the door/window sensor on the window and the app shows you whether it is closed or open. You now have additional support where you previously used to check. The sensor consists of two parts – one on the window and the other on the window frame. You get a mobile notification if both parts of the sensor are not connected, which will mean that the window/door is open. The Starter Kit is equipped with three such sensors.

Water leak sensor

The set also includes one water leak sensor. If you place it on the floor in the bathroom or kitchen (in places inaccessible to you – preferably under a washing machine or a cabinet with a washbasin), it will monitor if there is any flooding/leakage of water from the valve, dripping tap, as a result of damage to the seal or other such problems.

The advantage of the Checker Starter Kit  is its simple and quick assembly as well as discreet and modern design. The CheckerApp and sensors are your little helpers present in places inaccessible to you, providing support in daily life.

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