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Why are our sensors reliable?

June 6

Checker is a smart-home system that makes sure your house is safe while you’re away. Once you’ve started using it, you’ll stop wondering whether you really closed the door or if there’s a leak in the bathroom. But what makes it so reliable? How can you trust the technology we provide? To dispel your doubts, let’s look closer at the system itself. Find out how the door sensor and other elements work!


As you probably know already, Checker is a unique smart-home monitoring system, that allows you to monitor the status of your windows, doors and water pipes while you’re away. The only things you need are:

  • Checker Starter Kit – a full set that allows you to assembly the system and make it work,
  • CheckerApp – which allows you to control the system and monitor your house or flat in real-time.

Once everything is assembled, you can check whether the doors or windows are closed anytime you’re in doubt. Besides, you’ll be informed when there’s a water leak so that you can react as fast as possible and avoid the damage. So, as you can see, Checker comes in handy when you want to feel more secure and stop worrying all the time.

How our sensors work

The core of the Checker system is the Checker Hub. It’s a sort of communication device that bonds all the parts of our solution and enables information flow between the sensors and the CheckerApp on your phone. But the door open sensor and the other detectors play the most crucial part: they’re responsible for monitoring the state of the windows, doors and pipes as well. If they weren’t reliable enough, the system would be useless. Luckily, we’ve made sure that every Checker door/window sensor works efficiently and flawlessly.

How do they work? The deal is quite simple:

  • you put the sensors in the windows and doors you want to protect – they’re most useful on the ground floor (it’s the easiest level for a thief to access), but you can use them anywhere you want. Remember that, for instance, leaving the window open while there’s heavy rain outside may lead to serious damage inside your flat. Think of the flooring panels or the laptop left on a windowsill. They don’t go well with water,
  • each open close sensor uses RF waves to check the status of the door or the window it’s put on in real-time,
  • the information is sent to the Checker Hub wirelessly, and the Hub passes it to the CheckerApp so that you can make sure everything is ok, anytime you want.

Each door open sensor is an intricate device, that meets all the quality and safety requirements.

Ease of assembly and use is the basis

When you think about the smart-home systems, you may imagine a very complicated set of devices that have to be assembled by professionals. That’s not the case with Checker. The idea behind it was to design easy-to-use equipment that everyone can put together by themselves. That’s why:

  • Checker door/window sensor is designed to fit everywhere, no matter what kind of doorframe or what shape of the window it’s dealing with,
  • everything works automatically – each door open sensor is monitoring its environment 24/7 and passes the information in real-time. When it detects a problem, you’ll be instantly notified.

So, all you need to do is to assemble the kit by yourself (put the sensors in their places, turn the Checker Hub on and configure it), install the CheckerApp on your phone and it’s done! See for yourself!

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